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In-Ear Monitors

Big-three in-ear monitors of Rhapsodio including the 10BA “Solar”, The single DD “Galaxy” and the hybrid “RDB Mk.IV”

Upgrade Cables

Specially designed, professionally engineered, ultimate performance headphone cables and IEM cables for your choice


Decent portable audio players, DAC and amplifiers made by us or our partners. Synergistic with different Rhapsodio IEMs

You can buy Rhapsodio products from our authorized dealers, too.

In-Ear Monitor Customization.

Rhapsodio IEMs tailor-made for professional musicians, audiophiles and serious music lovers.
4 steps to get your own customized IEM, designed by yourself.
  • Message Us

    to confirm we have what you want

  • Make an ear mold

    and send it to our business address

  • Pay

    by Paypal and provide your address

  • Done!

    Just wait for it, shipping is free!

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Rhapsodio Audio Cables.

RSD / Pandora Sound upgrade cables enhances your listening experience without exaggeratedly changing the sound signature of your in-ear monitors / headphones

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